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Cyril Rominger - Consultant international
We made a portrait of one of our experts. In this interview, Cyril gives us an overview of a « surprising and interesting » career at Delta assurances group.
An expert in Financial Risks, his experience in credit insurance gradually turned internationally until the creation of the Keystone Trade Credit network.



A 22-year career in the Group!

I’ve worked for Delta assurances for several years. I was recruited as a Risk Analyst. I informed our policyholders about their client’s financial health.


From versatility to management

I liked the direct contact with business leaders from different sectors. 

I held this position for a few years and then took responsibility for the service. At the beginning, I did a bit of everything: risk, management, sales, underwriting…

I really liked the direct contact with business leaders from different sectors.

It was necessary to adapt to the interlocutor. Depending on the size of the company, you might addressed an executive, a CFO or a credit manager. The approach is very different. All these experiences were rich and from a commercial point of view, very formative.

Trade Credit insurance’s specificity is that it’s not an obligation, there is a way to go to convince the customer of the need to be insured.

Then, I moved away from service management to devote myself to both sales and subscription.


An international evolution

My international activity almost started by chance! 

Approximately twelve years ago, we started working for a large oil group.

Over time, I was more involved in this big business. Step by step, we developed a level of trust, extended our actions within the group until we became his referent insurance broker.

My international activity almost started by chance!

At the same time, we were contacted by a British broker who was looking for a partner in France to participate in a call for tender for Coca Cola. A few brokers then came together to form the GTCA network: an English, an Italian, a Dutch, a German. And us.


A look in the rear-view mirror!

It was my first international experience and the opportunity to get back to English! (Laugh).

What is surprising and interesting in my journey is to remember what I did at the very beginning, the type of customers I was responsible for and find myself a few years later talking about strategic subjects with the financial management of a CAC40 group… It’s very satisfying.

Our membership in GTCA lasted 3 to 4 years, but we were looking for a more commercially agile organization.


The birth of Keystone Trade Credit, a new international brokerage network

With our Italian, Dutch and Brazilian colleagues, we finally created Keystone Trade Credit in order to help multinationals manage Credit Insurance matters for their subsidiaries abroad.

Based in London, the legal entity coordinates all actions, sign contracts with brokers in each country concerned and agreements with local insurers.

This is what makes the difference with other international brokers, only one highly specialized broker intervenes: Keystone Trade Credit.

We now had the possibility of carrying out commercial actions and a structure to develop. Being a founding member of Keystone Trade Credit gives us additional credibility and we rely on the expertise of the network.

The local management of the contract is a major commercial asset.


A crucial change for Keystone Trade Credit: The new challenge

One of my best experiences. In human terms too!

Keystone Trade Credit is about to make a fresh start now. The headquarter is transferred to Levallois-Perret, in France (mainly due to Brexit) and I must manage this transfer: a new challenge!

Lately, I had to find a partner in Spain on short notice for an urgent customer need. Within 48 hours, I found the broker (one of the best), prepared the appointment, and convinced the customer to work with us. One of my best experiences. In human terms too.

In fact, bonds of friendship were almost forged with most of the brokers who now form Keystone Trade Credit, it’s a great adventure.


The desire to see the network continue to develop

We develop the network according to the needs of our customers, our prospects and the regulations of their countries. Recently, regulations have changed in Qatar forcing us to work with a local broker: an opportunity to welcome a new Qatari partner!

Now, my goal is to help Keystone Trade Credit to grow and develop its commercial strength.

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