Marine Insurance Solutions

The maritime transport and international trade industry is ever changing, and the needs for securing often exceed the solutions provided by the insurance market.

Our expertise in the field allows us to present you the best offers in the market and to create tailor-made insurance solutions for you, depending on the specificities of your activity and business.

Our added-value : to offer you competitive insurance conditions which perfectly suit your needs.

Forseas – marine, transport et logistique


forsea's Delta assurances company

Forsea’s joins the Delta assurances Group !

In 2019, Forsea’s decided to join the Delta assurances Group to “continue to develop its business and continue to provide the best service to its customers.” Nicolas JUGE.

This is how the Forsea’s teams joined the offices of Delta assurances and keeping the Swiss entity of the company, based in Geneva.

Key strengths

Value of goods insured
Value of goods insured


  • Cargo

Cover against loss of or physical damage to all types of Cargo, whether by sea, land or air, including War & Strikes Risks

  • Stock Throughputs

Extended Cargo and Logistics insurance incorporating long term storage, processing and/or distribution centre risks.

  • FOG – Full Outturn Guarantee

Extended Cargo covers for the bulk trades providing protection for “paper losses”.

  • Project Cargoes and Delay in Start-Up

Consequential Loss covers for construction or other infrastructure projects.

  • Rejection

Cover against the refusal of inspection authorities to allow the import of specific insured goods.

  • Hull and Machinery

Physical loss or damage cover for all types of vessels.

  • Disbursements (Increased Value) or Freight Interest Insurance

An ‘amount’ insured in excess of the vessel’s sum insured to cover additional costs and expenses (including lost freight earnings) associated with the total loss of a ship.

  • Mortgagees Interest Insurance

Cover to protect the financial interest of a Mortgagee in the event of a loss which is irrecoverable from the vessel’s Hull and Machinery Insurance.

  • Protection and Indemnity

Third party liability cover for all types of vessels.

  • Freight, Demurrage and Defence

To cover the legal costs incurred by shipowners.

  • Hull and Machinery- War & Strikes Risks

Cover against War, Strikes, Riots, Civil Commotions etc.

  • Loss of Hire

To protect a ship owner for potential loss of earnings of a vessel (either freight or charter hire) resulting from a casualty.

  • Yachts and Pleasure Craft

Hull and Machinery, and third party liability cover for yachts and pleasure craft Owned or Chartered.

  • Charterer’s Piracy Trade Disruption / Marine Kidnap and Ransom
  • Container Operating and Leasing Risks

Comprehensive insurance for Container Leasing and Operating companies including Physical Damage on Owned or Leased Equipment, Lessor Default, Repatriation & Recovery, Loss of Revenue and Third Party Liabilities.

Comprehensive cargo insurance programmes for trade financing transactions which can include covers for extended, non-incidental pre- and post-shipment storage, war on land, and confiscation.

  • Port Authorities and Terminal Operators

To protect a third party and physical loss and damage risks encountered by authorities overseeing a port or terminal operation.

  • Trade Disruption and Consequential Loss

Contingency insurances tailor made to address specific financial exposure relating to a marine risk.

  • Credit, Financial & Political Risks

Protection against Open Account and Letter of Credit exposure as well as Political and Political Violence or Terrorism risks in relation to the Maritime Industries.

  • Transit and Forwarding Risks

Comprehensive liability and physical damage insurance for Forwarders, NVOCC’s and other Logistics and Distribution companies.

  • Charterer’s Liability

Insurance to protect charterers of vessels from a range of liabilities, either through contract or in tort.

  • Port, Harbour and Terminal Operators Marine Package Policy

Cover for the property, equipment, liabilities and financial exposures of port authorities, as well as the port, harbour and terminal operators who work there.

  • Ship Brokers, Ship Agents and Ship Manager’s Liability

Cover to protect transportation intermediaries against claims for negligence and error or omission.

  • Marine Professional Indemnity

For marine surveyors, consultants, architects, ship managers and other marine professionals. The insurance covers claims arising from legal liability and errors & omissions in the exercise of the insured’s professional duties.

  • Stevedores Liability

Insurance against legal liabilities incurred for damage caused to vessels, to cargo being handled, to property (buildings, wharves, etc.) or for third party death or injury as a result of stevedoring operations.

Claims management

Declaration of claim

  • Preparation of a tailor made claim declaration form
  • Claim file opened upon reception of declaration
  • Verification that covers are adequate for the situation
  • Choosing and instructing surveyors and inspection companies in partnership with our clients.

Preserving your Rights

  • Adequate reservation of rights to safeguard future recovery actions
  • Preparation of claim file together with the Client
  • Managing surveyors and arranging meetings with surveyors to preserve your interests
  • Assistance in the declaration of claims

Follow up and payment of claims

  • Presentation of claim in partnership with you
  • Fast decision making due to the broad authority already in place with underwriters
  • Setting up simplified claims procedures for frequent and recurrent claims.

Recovery actions

  • Obtaining extension of time bars with relevant parties
  • Choosing the most appropriate lawyers in discussions with you
  • Guiding the process for a smooth resolution
  • Negotiation of settlement agreements

Compliance policy

With our clients and partners, we are involved in insuring risks worldwide. We constantly do our utmost to ensure that all relevant laws are respected.

Delta assurances registered and certified by the Swiss regulatory body FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority).

Our activities are undertaken within clear and precise terms and conditions.

Our entire team is held to the highest standards in terms of business relations.

Our certifications

Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA

Open Market Correspondant on London insurance place.

Offices and partnership

The Experts

Nicolas Jugé
Transport / Cargo Development Director
“No man is an island. I have always believed we are part of a bigger picture. As a fresh graduate, I was sure of one thing: I wanted to be part of the maritime industry.
20 years into the marine business and 10 years as head of FORSEA’S, which I have founded, I feel the same way. My role as a Marine Insurance Broker is ever-evolving. While Underwriters price the risk, and Claims Handlers see a claim through until its settlement, I ensure adequate insurance coverage for our clients.
Seeing the bigger picture is important. What is also important to me is that I deliver what I promised at the end of the day.
Maritime is indispensable, marine risks are becoming cross-cutting and complex while marine insurance is the oldest insurance in the world. I am proud to be part of this changing world within Delta assurances Group.”


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